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The Death of Dax

For Deep Space Nine, the Trill is gone, but the adventure is only beginning for Terry Farrell .... by Ian Spelling from STARLOG Magazine (Sept '98).

Dax is dead. Long live Dax.  “I asked specifically not to be killed off,” reveals Terry Farrell, who spent six years as Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine before Gul Dukat (Marc Alaimo) murdered her in the sixth season finale “Tears of the Prophets.”  “[Writer/executive producer] Ira Steven Behr told me that he didn’t want to kill me either, but that he had to do what was best for the show.  It was best for the ratings, best for making a clean break from the show.  As far as I know, it was just up to Ira and Rick Berman what happened to Dax.  So I said, ‘OK --- just remember, if you ever need me to come back, you can clone Dax’s body.’  I’m sure that once Dax got her body back, there would be no stopping her from getting the worm back.

On the other hand, dead could very well mean dead.  It could and likely will mean no DS9 guest shots or Star Trek movies.  “I knew I would have to live with all of that when I made the decision not to come back,”  Farrell explains.  “DS9 has been an amazing experience.  I needed it.  I learned so much as an actress and as a person.  But it was a job, and I needed to work on my career and find another job.  I’m 34.  Women don’t have that long of a life span in Hollywood, and I wanted to try something different.  I just believed in my heart that I could find something new.  I don’t know how to explain other than to say I was on DS9 as long as I needed to be there.”

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